Team Members | Winter18 Update

With the launch of the Winter18 update comes the replacement of Blackline Live’s address book with the team members page. This new page serves to organize all of your organization’s team members in one area, rather than each individual account having an address book with its own contacts.  

Features of the team member page

Many features of the address book remain, including:

  • Individual team member information will be stored in one place
  • Individual team members will have their own personal information, including phone number, email, address, and the option to include personal contacts.

With the team members page come additional features, including:

  • All of your organization's employees information will be stored in one place, instead of in individual address books in different accounts
  • The ability to change a team member from a contact to an account user
  • The ability to sort team members based on first and last name, email, organization, permission and status
  • The ability to search within your team members
  • The ability to deactivate team members
  • The ability to see a status of a team member within your team members list

    Features of the team member

    Contact vs. account user

    Contacts do not have log-in access to Blackline Live, and are simply sets of contact information in the portal. Contacts are represented by a person icon. Account users are team members with the credentials to log into Blackline Live. Account users can be assigned different roles that allow them certain permissions within the portal. They are represented by the key icon.  

    Change a contact to an account user


    Account users can be assigned to roles that allow them to have different permissions within Blackline Live. For a breakdown of these permissions, see the groups article. Roles are assigned on a group-by-group basis. To change an account user’s role, select edit from the groups card in the team member profile. From here, you can select roles for this account user to have within each individual group.

    Change a contact to an account user

    With the launch of the Winter18 update, all former address book entries will be converted to contacts. It is important to note that changing a contact to an account user will give this team member log-in access to Blackline Live. To change a contact to an account user,

    1. Select the profile of the contact you wish to change from the Team Members list
    2. Ensure that the user you have selected has an email address assigned to them
      • If they do not have an email address: select edit in the top right-hand corner of the card, enter the team member's email and select save
    3. Select change to account user in the top right corner
    4. Select make account user from the pop-up. The profile will refresh.
    5. Select edit in the top right corner of the groups manager card
    6. Select the role you wish this user to have in all necessary groups
    7. Select Save

    Deactivating a team member

    Deactivating a team member removes them from all devices, alert profiles, notification profiles and groups. Deactivated account users will also lose all log-in access. Deactivated team members can be reactivated by going to their profile and selecting the activate button. Upon reactivation, they will be put back into their original groups, as long as they have not since been deleted. They will not be automatically reassigned devices or put back into alert and notification profiles. Reactivated account users will regain their log-in access to Blackline Live.

    Active vs. pending team members

    Account users that have logged in to Blackline Live verified their email address are displayed as active in the Team Members list. Pending team members have been invited to join Blackline Live, but have not yet accepted the invitation and logged on. They can still be added to devices, groups, alert and notification profiles. Contacts are automatically active, as an email is not required for this type of team member.

    We're here to help

    Blackline’s Customer Care team is always available to answer questions or assist during the transition to the new Blackline Live. For a full list of new terms, refer to our Winter18 Update Terms document | Download