Location Beacon Overview

Location Beacon augments location transmissions where GPS alone may not be sufficient. Installed inside and around facilities, beacon transmits location signals for proximity detection with a Blackline safety monitoring device.

Beacon works together with optional floor and site plans that are uploaded into the Blackline Live portal by mapping an employee’s location in context of their surroundings and delivering comprehensive situational awareness in and around complex facilities. In addition, Location Beacon provides a configurable power-level that accommodates different positioning resolution needs.



How long will my battery last?

Location Beacon has a battery life of 5 years continuous operation at its highest power transmit setting.

How many beacons does one area need?

The amount of beacons in one space depends on the size of the room. One beacon is usually adequate for a 400 square foot space. If a room has large obstacles (such as piping or equipment) it is a good idea to separate it into four quadrants with one beacon in each. Increasing the number of beacons and lowering their signal strength can allow for higher precision.

Location Beacon has a blinking red light, what does this mean?

A blinking red light means that Location Beacon has low battery.

Location Beacon has a solid red light, what does this mean?

A solid red light indicates that Location Beacon has a fault. Please contact Blackline’s Customer Care team.

Location Beacon has no light, is it working?

Beacon’s status light automatically sleeps two minutes after the last button press to conserve energy. By pressing the button, it will wake up the status light for approximately two minutes.

I have Location Beacon in a room but the portal isn't showing it, what should I do?

Beacon locations are not seen from the main map page. On the Beacon Setup page, ensure that beacon’s map pin is placed in the correct location. Even if the street address is correct, if the map pin is showing alternative placement this is the location devices use.

How do I put my floorplans on Blackline Live?

Send your floorplans to Blackline’s Customer Care team, and a representative will apply the floorplans to your maps. To ensure the best quality in your floorplans, please follow the steps in the Preparing your Floor Plan Files for Blackline Live” article.

Will Location Beacon interfere with other equipment operating at 2.4GHz?

Location Beacon complies with all regulatory requirements for operation in the 2.4 GHz band and is designed to coexist with other products operating in the same band. The Beacon transmits intermittently on three narrowband channels and each Beacon transmits at slightly different rates to minimize interference.

How far away can Location Beacons be detected?

The range of a location beacon is highly dependent on the installation of the beacon and the positioning of personal monitor. The Location beacon can be configured with one of four different power levels. The power levels correspond to an approximate line of sight range of 15 feet (level 2), 30 feet (level 3), 60 feet (level 4) and 120 feet (level 5).

Beacons are shipped in the lowest transmit power setting level (Level 2). This level is appropriate for most installations.

Why does Location Beacon now have a black label?

With the release of new G7c hardware, G7c will no longer support ANT technology. Our current Beacons use this technology to tell G7c where they are located, so the two will no longer be compatible. New Beacons will instead leverage Bluetooth technology to transmit locations to devices.

With this functionality update, Location Beacon’s label has also been updated from white to black in order to easily differentiate the two.

For more information on this change, you can read the notification here.