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Loner 900/Bridge

Loner 900 safety monitoring device delivers a combination of automatic incident detection and manual triggers enabling employees to call for help at any time. With 3G and satellite connectivity, Loner 900 provides safety monitoring in even the most remote locations, connecting workers with live monitoring personnel 24/7.

Loner 900 leverages Loner Bridge portable satellite and 3G base station, which switches seamlessly to satellite connectivity should cellular become unavailable. Loner 900 communicates with G7 Bridge via an industrial-quality 900 MHz radio link from up to 2 km away. G7 Bridge communicates with the Blackline Safety Network and monitoring teams using 3G or satellite connections.


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How long will my battery last?

Loner 900 has a battery life of 20 hours continuous operation at 20°C (68°F). Loner 900 Bridge has a battery life of 44 hours at 20°C (68°F), 30 hours at at -20°C (-4°F).

How do I connect Loner 900 to Loner Bridge?

Turn on Loner Bridge and wait for a solid green SureSafe light. Turn on any Loner 900 devices you wish to connect to bridge. The device is connected when the SureSafe light on the device is solid green.

Will Loner Bridge work with other safety monitoring devices?

Loner Bridge is only compatible with Loner 900 devices.

Why is there a short beep every 5 minutes?

The battery level is low. Please charge Loner 900.

How do I know if Loner 900 is connected to Loner Bridge?

When Loner 900 is connected to Loner Bridge, the green SureSafe light will glow solid.

How many Loner 900s can I pair with Loner Bridge?

A maximum of 10 Loner 900s can be paired with Loner Bridge at one time.

Can I use Loner 900 with G7 Bridge?

Yes, Loner 900 is compatible with G7 Bridge.

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