Loner M6/M6i Overview

Loner M6/M6i

Blackline’s Loner M6 safety monitoring device not only empowers the fastest possible emergency response, it also helps employers actively evacuate sites and facilities. Featuring a combination of automatic and manually triggered safety features, Loner M6 can initiate an emergency response process and deliver help to an employee’s exact location—even indoors. The blue LiveResponse indicator tells the employee that their alert has been acknowledged and that help is on the way. Loner M6 automatically connects employees with monitoring personnel using our loud and clear speaker and microphone. M6 can trigger evacuations, broadcast voice-recorded instructions to one employee or mass-notify everyone in an affected area.


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How long will my battery last?

Loner M6/M6i has a battery life of 20 hours continuous operation at 20°C (68°F).

What does the red light at the bottom of my Loner device mean?

When connected to your charger, the red flashing light indicates that M6/M6i is charging. A solid red light means that M6/M6i is fully charged.

The green light on my Loner device is off, what does it mean?

M6/M6i is powered off or the battery is depleted. If you press the power button and nothing happens, charge your device.

Loner M6/6i makes a single beep once every 5 minutes, what does it mean?

The battery level is low. Please charge M6/M6i.

Why am I getting false pending Fall Detection alerts?

Fall detection is based on acceleration. If you are working in the field and doing a lot of physical activity (i.e. jumping), your settings may be too sensitive. These settings can be adjusted on your device’s configuration profile in Blackline Live.

Why am I getting so many false Silent Alerts?

If you experience silent alerts while driving, it may be that your seat-belt is pressing against the Silent Alert button. Consider wearing M6/M6i on your left hip. Be sure you are turning M6/M6i off using the power button and not the Silent Emergency button.

Can I cancel an alert that has been sent?

Once an emergency or remote alert has been triggered, it can be silenced but not cancelled. The alert will have been sent to monitoring personnel, who will follow your organization’s emergency response protocols.

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Introducing the Loner M6 to Canada and the US

Introducing the Loner M6 to UK and Europe

Lone Worker Monitoring - Blackline Safety Introduces Loner M6

Loner Worker Monitoring - Blackline Safety Introduces Loner M6 to the UK and Europe