Blackline Live and Third-Party Cookies

This article outlines the cookies Blackline Live uses and how they are used.

Blackline Live Cookies

Blackline Live uses strictly necessary session cookies for the following purposes:

  • To accurately track user sessions for authentication
  • To link a user to a session
  • To hold the permissions for the specific user during their session

The permissions determine what users can see and do on Blackline Live, such as view the Maps page, view/acknowledge/resolve alerts, and administer their organization.

You cannot accept or decline strictly necessary Blackline Live cookies.

Google Third-Party Cookies

Blackline Live uses underlying services from Google for our Maps page and for Blackline Analytics. As part of this agreement, Google places cookies in our users' browsers. These cookies are used by Google for advertising re-targeting and for reporting on page utilization through Google Analytics.

It is important to note that Blackline Safety does not share Blackline Live data with Google. Google’s cookies only capture page activity and identity based on your web browser and device.

Google Analytics tracks metrics such as:

  • The number of times a visitor has been to a site
  • The time a visitor entered a site
  • The time a visitor left a site
  • Where (geographically) the visitor is from
  • What search engine (if any) was used to access the site

Accepting or Declining Google third-Party Cookies

As soon as you visit Blackline Live, Google creates a numeric user ID based on the browser and the device Blackline Live is running on. Google then associates its tracking information with that numeric ID. What happens next depends on whether you accept or decline our third-party cookies.

  • If you accept the use of cookies, Google tags will associate their tracking data with your user ID.
  • If you decline the use of cookies, Google will capture your activity in an anonymized form, without an associated user ID. In this case, Google is still collecting some data such as whether the visit converted to a sale, but your data is not used to deliver personalized services such as ad re-targeting.

Your choice to accept or decline Google cookies is purely voluntary and has no impact on Blackline Live cookies and functionality. In other words, declining the optional Google cookies will not affect your Blackline Live experience.

You can change your Google cookie accept or decline status at any time by selecting the Cookie Manager on the bottom-left side of every page in Blackline Live.

For more information, see our privacy policy