Blackline Analytics offers a comprehensive look at data being collected by your device fleet. This feature is included with Blackline service and can be accessed by anyone with log-in access to the Blackline Live web portal. Blackline Analytics leverages Microsoft’s Power BI platform, which allows for a highly interactive experience and the ability to investigate data on a granular level.

    Reports group together similar data to hone in on a specific topic — this helps to keep each report focused, and allows customers to personalize their organization’s report list based on the kind of data they are interested in seeing.

    The insights gained from Blackline Analytics can help to review and test the efficiency of processes, track productivity and compliance, monitor fleet health and investigate incidences that occur on-site.


    Blackline Analytics Overview

    Usage and Compliance Report

    Location Beacons Report


    How do I access Analytics reports?
    How far back does each report go?
    How much time does it take from when a device detects an event until it shows up on a report?
    Is the data lost after a Data History windows expires?
    How do I make the visuals in reports bigger?
    When I export data, why does it only give me a portion of the data?
    How do I sort visuals differently?
    How do I compare data between groups or organizations?
    How do I select two bars on a bar chart at once?
    What does compliant and non-compliant mean?
    Why do I see the same team member multiple times in a chart?
    Why do I see a number instead of an assigned user's name?
    How does the group data security work? If i’m part of a group, would I only see that group?
    Will I see data from other organizations that I have relationships?
    If a device is unassigned from a team member, will they still see historical usage that they had with said device?
    Are the reports based on device or user truth?


    Report guides

    Technical User Manuals

    Blackline Analytics Technical User Manual Cover