24/7 Live Monitoring

    24/7 Live Monitoring Overview

    24/7 Live Monitoring Overview

    Our Safety Operations Center (SOC) provides organizations with expert safety monitoring and support, ensuring superior employee safety monitoring without sacrificing business productivity. Blackline’s SOC focuses exclusively on monitoring the well-being of employees’ safety. Unlike traditional call centers that often split focus between telemarketing and IT support, our SOC is staffed with professionally-trained monitoring agents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our SOC utilizes the Blackline Live portal, providing them with critical insights into emergency alerts in real-time. Personnel manage safety and gas detection alerts from receipt through to resolution by following the customer’s tailored and documented emergency response protocol. Should an emergency take place, our Safety Operations Center is empowered to dispatch local emergency services across North America. With 99.5% of alerts responded to in under a minute, Blackline’s Safety Operations Center facilitates worry-free monitoring services and support, so employees can take comfort knowing that Blackline always has their back.



    What are the hours of the Safety Operations Center?
    How do monitoring personnel know what protocol to follow?
    What qualifications do Blackline's Safety Operations Agents have?