Cartridges and sensors

    Cartridges and sensors Overview

    Cartridges and sensors Overview

    Blackline’s G7 offers an exclusive modular design with field-replaceable gas sensor cartridges and delivers industry-leading customization to accommodate nearly every need. With G7’s cartridges, gas detection and lone worker monitoring are tailored to every industry, scenario and application. G7 provides three cartridge options to support confined space entry, gas detection, lone workers and evacuation management. The selection of gas sensors in each cartridge can be customized and configured for your specific work environments. All data generated by G7 wearables — including gas readings — is location-enabled and automatically uploaded to our cloud-hosted Blackline Safety Network, accessible through any internet-connected device.


    Configuration Modes

    How to use G7’s Multi-Gas Pump Cartridge

    Performing a Block Test

    Customizing Pump Settings


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