G7c is the world’s first 3G-connected gas detector with integrated lone worker monitoring and evacuation management tools, connecting workers to live monitoring personnel in real-time. Work-anywhere 3G connectivity is complemented by an industrial two-way speakerphone, text messaging and location tracking.

    Devices automatically watch over workers and call for help, even when the employee can’t. G7c delivers comprehensive gas coverage with an exclusive modular design, tailoring gas detection to every industry, application and scenario. Should a gas leak, fall or a no-motion incident be detected, assisted-GPS capability guides responders directly to the effected worker’s location.

    G7c provides critical insights and situational awareness for optimized emergency responses, enabling teams to react with all the information necessary for rescues in complex, hazardous environments. Devices communicate all gas detection and safety incidents to live monitoring teams who can mobilize responders to an employee’s exact location or trigger evacuations in real-time when required.

    If you are using G7c for gas detection, you can review your device’s bump test and calibration certificates here.


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