Blackline Safety 3G Device Upgrade Program – Australia and New Zealand

Major telecommunications mobile network operators in Australia and New Zealand have slowly began phasing out their 3G service to retire older equipment and prepare for new advanced technology. The various providers will be shutting down their networks at different times throughout the next 18 months, finishing in September 2024.

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What this Means for you

If you are an Australia or New Zealand Blackline Safety customer with a 3G G7c device, G7 Bridge, or any end-of-life Loner products, at some point in 2023-2024 (based on your provider), the device will no longer be able to connect to the 3G cellular network for monitoring. Affected Unit ID numbers start with the following.


    • 3566XXXXXX
    • 3567XXXXXX
    • 3569XXXXXX

3G Bridge

    • 3584XXXXXX

All end-of-life Loner products:

    • SMD
    • IS
    • IS+
    • IS Arctic
    • M6
    • M6i

NOTE: Your Model type and Unit ID number are located on the back of your device.

back of deviceAffected Device Upgrade

Starting July 2023, your Blackline Safety distributor will reach out to you via phone or email to discuss replacing your device(s) and transferring device assignments in Blackline Live.

  • Devices still within their warranty period will be replaced at no cost to you.
  • Devices outside the warranty period will need to be replaced per the current Blackline Safety price guide.

what you neeed to do

We have developed a rollout plan to ensure that all our customers receive communications and that their devices are replaced on a timely basis. When you receive your call or email from our authorized distributor, they will inform you of when you can expect your new device(s) and will request information from you to help us update Blackline Live with your new device IDs.

Blackline Live

If you have an organization set up in Blackline Live, now would be a good time to review your organization to ensure it is up-to-date and accurate, including:

  • Updating your team member list
  • Ensuring devices are assigned to the correct users (where applicable)
  • Ensuring devices are placed in the correct alert and configuration profiles

This will streamline the device transition. For information on how to review and update your Blackline Live organization, see Maintaining your Blackline Live Organization Quick Reference.

We recommend that you also communicate the upcoming change to device users in your company, so they are aware of what to expect.

warranties on New Devices

  • If your old device is within its warranty period as of August 1, 2023, your warranty period will not change. The new device will take on the old device’s warranty.
  • If your warranty period is less than 90 days, we will honor a 90-day warranty period on the new replacement device.
  • If your old device was out of warranty and you purchased a new device, your new device will come with a new warranty period starting on the day the new device is shipped.

G7 Device Cartridges

Please note that only your device’s base unit(s) will be updated. Cartridges are not affected by the 3G network retirement, so cartridges attached to your old devices will still function as designed.

When you receive your new device base unit(s), you must remove the cartridge from the old device base unit(s) and install it on the new device base unit(s).

NOTE: You MUST complete these steps for all devices with cartridges:

To switch the cartridge on your G7:

  1. Power off your old G7 and your new G7 base unit.
  2. Using a Phillips #1 screwdriver, remove the screws on each side of the cartridge.
  3. Pull up on the cartridge to remove it from the old base unit.
  4. Slide the cartridge onto the new base unit, ensuring the cartridge is lined up on the guide rails and fits into place.
  5. Replace the screws removed in step 2 on each side of the cartridge on the new base unit.
    CAUTION: Risk of damage to equipment. Always use a manual (not electric) screwdriver when removing or installing the cartridge to avoid damaging the device’s plastics.
  6. Calibrate your device.
    NOTE: If you have an O2 sensor, it may automatically enter an extended stabilization period of up to 20 minutes after installing your cartridge on the new device. Wait until this stabilization period is complete before calibrating.
  7. If applicable, have your company's Blackline Live Administrator confirm that your new device(s) has been
    assigned correctly in Blackline Live and then distribute the device(s) accordingly.

cartridge changeReturning/Recycling Your Old Device(s)

NOTE: You must remove the cartridge(s) from your old G7 device base unit(s) before proceeding with the instructions in this section.

Refer to the instructions you received from your distributor for instructions on whether you should return or recycle your old device(s). If your email requests that you recycle your old device(s), please ensure you do so responsibly and in accordance with any electronics recycling policies in your area. 


Customer FAQs

What is the cost to me if my devices are out of warranty?

Devices outside the warranty period will need to be replaced at the customer’s cost via your Blackline Safety distributor to facilitate the transition to new devices. Please contact your distributor to discuss your options.

What is Blackline doing to address the impact to lease customers?

All lease clients, as per the terms and conditions of their lease, will have their units proactively replaced as part of the upgrade program.

Who will cover the cost of shipping the new devices?

Blackline will be responsible for the shipping costs for all devices covered under warranty (including leased devices). Devices that are out of warranty will be subject to standard shipping costs.

How will replacement devices be shipped?

All orders will be shipped as bulk shipments. Only the device's base unit will be shipped to clients (no cartridges or accessories will be included in the upgrade program).

What should I do with my company's old devices?

Follow the instructions provided by your distributor for the return or recycling of your old devices. If you have received your new device(s) and did not receive these instructions, please contact your distributor.

What happens if I don't upgrade my device(s)?

Any 3G device that is not upgraded to new 4G compatible hardware will not be able to function on existing telecommunications networks after September 2024. Providers will be shutting down their networks at various times throughout the next 18 months. As a result, the connected safety features and monitoring will not work on these devices.

My 3G device has a flashing green connectivity light. What do I do?

The various providers will be shutting down their networks at different times throughout the next 18 months, finishing in September 2024. Your device may not be connected because the 3G network has been shut down in your area. Please contact your distributor or Blackline Safety’s Technical Support team for assistance.


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