How Check-Ins Work

Checking in

Checking in tells monitoring personnel that you are OK. The amount of time between check-ins and the amount of time the pending alarm sounds are both configurable in your device settings.

Check-in time

When a check-in is due, the device will start a local pending alarm. Press on the latch to indicate that you are OK.

Check in on GPS motion

Your device will check in on your motion in order to prevent distraction while driving. Device check-in speed can be configured in your device settings.


If the device detects that you are traveling over 35 km/h it will automatically check you in.

Missed Check-ins

If you fail to cancel the pending alarm, the device will go into high alarm and a remote alert is sent. To silence the alarm, press and hold on the latch for three seconds. This does not cancel the remote alert.

Missed Check-ins

Monitoring personnel will then follow your company’s protocol in order to resolve the alert.

Pre Check-in

Pre Check-in can be enabled in your device settings so that when you press your latch you reset your check-in timer.

Pre Check-in

To avoid hearing the pending alarm, you can press and hold the latch for three seconds whenever you are OK to reset your check-in timer.