Configuration Profile Update July 17th, 2020

Configuration Profile Update July 17 2020

Customers will notice the change log at the bottom of their configuration profiles was updated on July 17th with the initiator “Blackline Safety Customer Care | Customer Care”. Configuration profile settings were not altered – however, new functionality was added which required the configuration to be automatically re-saved by our system.

Typically, upgrades to the configuration profile page do not require all profiles to automatically be re-saved. However, this update was very complex and required the coordination of a device-side firmware update in conjunction with a server-side software update. As a result, all configuration profiles were re-saved, which initiated a change log description at the bottom of the page.

The update was made programmatically, not manually by a customer care agent. The section of the change log describing which account initiated the change was listed as “Blackline Safety Customer Care | Customer Care” so that our customers would know who to contact for further information about the change.

Key takeaways:

What happened?

  • On July 17th, 2020 all configuration profiles were re-saved automatically

Why did it happen?

  • New functionality was added to all configuration profiles which required a re-save

What was the impact?

  • The configuration change log updated to read, “Blackline Safety Customer Care | Customer Care”
  • No settings within the profiles were changed