Drive safe check-in and operational while charging features

Blackline G7 devices have a number of features that enhance the effectiveness of the device and the safety of the user. The drive safe check-in and operational while charging features allow the device to change its behaviour to suit the context it is being used in. This article will explain in more detail how each of these features work.

Drive safe check-in

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The drive safe feature automatically puts G7 into a mode that is optimized for use while driving. When a device is in a moving vehicle (based on a GPS speed of approximately 20-30 km/h), pending alarms such as check-in, no-motion and fall detection are auto-checked and will not ask the user for acknowledgement. Messages, low gas alarms, low battery alarms and connection loss alarms that would normally tell the user to look at the screen are also muted. This is done to ensure that the person wearing the device is not distracted by it while they are driving.

Operational while charging

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By default, when G7 is attached to a charging cable, it will power down — this is because the device is designed to be worn, and many of the features are meant to be acknowledged by a person in close proximity.

However, when the operational while charging feature is enabled, the device will remain powered on even while it is charging. Much like the drive safe feature, the operational while charging feature puts the device into a mode where yellow alarms are auto-checked or muted. 

How do I enable these features?


Like all of G7's features, the drive safe check-in and operational while charging features are available in the G7 configuration profile.

Log in to Blackline Live, and select the configurations page from the main menu. In an existing or new G7c and G7x profile, scroll down to the modes card and expand the functional settings card.




Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 10.42.09 AMThese features are built together, since they share alarm behaviours.

By default, the drive safe feature is enabled, while operational while charging is not. Turning these toggles on and off will change how how devices attached to this profile behave while in a vehicle or while charging.


Muting options for drive safe and
operational while charging

When setting up these features in the device configuration profile, you can choose to enable or mute alarms for low gas warnings and messages if these are events the user should be aware of while driving or charging. By default, these alarms are muted, but there are advantages to having them enabled if users are still meant to respond to messages while the device is charging, or if users want the device to inform them of potentially dangerous gas levels while driving.