Firmware update kit instructions

This procedure will walk you through the steps to manually update firmware for:

  • G7x and G7 Bridge
  • G7c

To get started, see Firmware Update Steps or Troubleshooting Error Codes.


Firmware refers to the operating system that controls how a device operates. Firmware updates are provided to improve device performance or introduce new functionality.



Included in box (ACC-FRM-KIT)


  • Firmware installation cable
  • USB flash drive containing firmware update


To manage the firmware installation, you will need a Windows or Mac computer with the following:

  • The latest version of Java on your computer. The latest version can be obtained by visiting If you do not have access to the Internet, use the Java install files contained on the provided USB drive, in the folder labeled “Java Install Files”.
  • The Java install files contained on the provided USB drive, in the folder labeled “Java Install Files”.
  • Preferably, your computer will have two spare USB ports; however, only one port is required.

Firmware update steps

  1. Connect the USB drive from the firmware update kit to your computer. The USB flash drive contains installation software.

  2. Select the file “Begin Firmware Update.jar”

    There may be different files on the USB drive. Only open the file “Begin Firmware Update.jar”. Other than the firmware update instructions, the other folders and files are for support and do not need to be accessed.

    “Begin Firmware Update.jar” will not open if Java is not installed on your computer. Please read “What is Java?” in the FAQ at the end of these instructions for more information.

  3. Power on the device. The device will beep, the light will flash green and then turn solid green.

    For G7 Bridge, G7x, and G7C, if the device’s battery is depleted, it may need to be charged before starting the firmware upgrade.

  4. Connect the firmware installation cable. Only the provided, three-ended cable can be used to perform a firmware upgrade. Connect each end of the cable into its respective port.
  5. Select the “Begin Update” button; by default, the Firmware Loader automatically will select the appropriate firmware. Start the update process by selecting the blue “Begin Update” button.

    NOTE: the firmware version to install will be different from the version in the images below.
  6. Wait for the progress bar to complete. Do not disconnect the device until the firmware process has completed successfully.
  7. Disconnect your device once the progress bar has completed and the dialog displays “Firmware Update Successful.”
  8. The firmware upgrader will return to the start screen. Notice that the current firmware version has been updated. The “New firmware version” selection and “Begin Update” button are grayed out and not available for selection, because the device firmware is up to date.



What is firmware?

Firmware is the operational programming that controls how a device operates. Sometimes a device will need new programming to fix an issue or introduce new functionality.


What is Java?

Java is software that is used to make other software run on a computer. It is used for many programs and you will need the latest version to run the Blackline Firmware Updater. You can find the latest version online ( Alternatively, a version of Java has been provided on the Blackline firmware updater USB drive, in the folder labeled “Java Install Files”. If you have issues installing Java on your computer, talk to your network administrator.

How do I know which version of firmware to use?

In most circumstances, the Firmware Updater will automatically choose the correct version for you. You will only need to make an alternate selection if you have been explicitly directed by Blackline to do so.

Why won't the Firmware Updater open?

Verify you are running the latest version, then try again. Your company may be restricting you from installing software on your computer for security reasons. Talk to your network administrator for assistance.

Why isn't my device connecting to the Firmware Updater?

  • For Bridge and G7: the devices need to sufficient battery charge and must be plugged in to a power outlet to update the firmware.
  • Verify the COM port on the computer you’re using is enabled.
  • You may not have connected the cables correctly. Verify that you have a secure connection between the device, the computer and a power outlet.
  • Sometimes computer programs will freeze and need to be restarted. Do this first, then attempt the firmware update again.

Troubleshooting error codes

Error code Resolution

1, 2, 400, 401, 404

There has been a communication error. Please check the cable connections, then try again.

405, 411, 462

The device is busy performing a file processing operation. Please wait 90 seconds, then retry the firmware update. The device can be unplugged during this time.


The selected version of firmware is already installed on this device. Please check that the correct version has been selected.

410, 415, 450, 451, 452, 453, 461, 503

Please contact Blackline Customer Care.