G7 EXO Pump Inlet Filters

Although the G7 EXO pump inlet filters are an optional accessory, Blackline recommends always installing the inlet filters when using G7 EXO Pump to maintain the pump in good condition.

NOTE: EXO pump does not support ClO2 or Cl2.

Using G7 EXO Pump without attaching inlet filters directly onto the inlets can allow water to be pulled into the pump.

WARNING: Inlet filters are for use with G7 EXO Pump model only. Do not use inlet filters with G7 EXO Diffusion.

For this procedure, you will need:

  • G7 EXO Pump Model
  • ACC-INLET-FILTER (G7 EXO Pump inlet filter kit)
  • Hose (up to 100 feet)

Attaching Inlet Filters

WARNING: Do NOT turn EXO pump on until you have properly fitted the inlet filters to the open the pump inlet spring valves. If the inlet filters are not properly fitted and EXO is turned on, you may see a “Pump Blocked” error.

 NOTE: Hoses can be connected to multiple inlets at the same time, but EXO will only run one pump inlet at a time.

  1.  Using the quick-connect, attach the pump inlet filter to the selected pump inlet.
  2. Connect the hose to the filter. You can now run the selected inlet.
G7 EXO Pump Inlet Filter

Pump Low Flow Error

In humid environments or when moving from hot to cold temperatures, condensation may form in the hose. This condensation can freeze and cause a “Pump low flow” error on G7 EXO Pump. To resolve, try the following:

  • Check the hose for frozen condensation and replace if necessary.
  • Disconnect the hose to see if the alarm goes away.
  • Replace the inlet filter.
  • Periodically switch the hose.