G7 Multi-gas cartridge sensor options

Updated December 1, 2023.

The G7 multi-gas cartridge configuration supports two, three, four or five gas sensors. Support for five gases is specifically available with the introduction of a dual-toxic gas carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide (COSH) sensor.

The G7 multi-gas cartridge features four sensor positions. Customers have the option to choose an oxygen sensor, a combustible gas sensor, and up to three toxic gas sensors. To support three toxic gases, toxic gas sensor one must use a dual-toxic carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide (COSH) sensor.

Each sensor is assigned a one-character sensor code that helps you select the correct part number. The following table describes the gas sensor types and the associated sensor codes available for each sensor position.

G7 Multi Gas Cartridge Sensor Options Table ONLY - combined

To select a gas cartridge sensor configuration:

  1. Select an oxygen sensor (if required).
  2. Select your preferred combustible gas sensor type.
  3. For the toxic gas sensor one position, starting at the top of the reference table, select the first toxic gas sensor (or dual toxic gas sensor) you require.
  4. For the toxic gas sensor two position, select the final toxic gas sensor you require.

NOTE: It is important to verify that the configured gas sensor types are compatible with your G7 device. For more information, refer to G7 and G7 EXO Sensor Incompatibility List Support Article.

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