G7c over-the-air firmware updates

Updated September 11, 2019


It is important to note that your G7c must be powered on and have a solid green connectivity light in order to download firmware updates. In the case that your devices are powered off or not connected to the Blackline Safety network, the update will pause until G7 regains the necessary requirements.

  1. Call our Customer Care team to initiate a firmware update.
  2. Under reports, select version update status. Here you can see the download status of the firmware versions.
    • G7c should automatically update its firmware the next time it is powered on after the update has reached 100%
    • You can manually update G7c’s firmware when the download is at 100% by selecting activate downloaded versions

      NOTE: It is important to ensure your devices are not being used in the field if you select activate downloaded versions as the device will restart and lose connectivity while the firmware updates.G7c Over-the-air Firmware Updates
  3. Upon the next power cycle, or when activate downloaded versions is selected, the device will flash blue and yellow lights.
  4. When the device returns to normal operation, the firmware update is complete. You can check the firmware version from G7’s menu.