G7c and G7x Firmware Update Process for Version 3.450

Updated October 1 2021


As with previous firmware updates, G7 downloads firmware version 3.450 over the air automatically. When the download is complete, G7 will update the firmware the next time you power on your device. User input is not needed to download firmware or start the update process.

NOTE: During part of the update, G7 will have a blank screen and not respond to button pushes. Pressing the power button will not affect G7 or the firmware update.

What's new to the firmware update process

  • If your current firmware version is 3.445 or below when you update to 3.450, you may see red and blue flashing lights in addition to blue and yellow flashing lights when the update is taking place
  • Total update time with red and blue flashing lights: up to five minutes
  • Total update time with only blue and yellow lights: about one minute

Firmware Update Process

  1. You will see G7 go into start-up sequence, then automatically log off.
  2. The lights will flash:

    First: blue and yellow lights (indicating a firmware update)
    Second: You may see blue and red lights if your firmware version is 3.445 or earlier (about two minutes to complete)
    NOTE: G7's screen will be blank and the device will not respond to button pushes.
  3. G7 will briefly display the new firmware version once the firmware upgrade is complete.
    NOTE: You can also check the firmware version on your device by selecting Menu > Advanced info > Device info.
  4. G7 will go into its start-up sequence. When the green light at the top of the device is solid, G7 is ready to use and the new features will be available. See WHAT'S NEW IN THE G7 3.450 FIRMWARE UPDATE for details.