G7x and G7 Bridge over-the-air firmware updates

It is important to note that your G7 Bridge and G7x need to be powered on, have solid green connectivity lights and be in cell coverage in order to download firmware updates. In the case that your devices are powered off or not connected to the Blackline Safety network, the update will pause until they regain the necessary requirements.

  1. Call our Customer Care team to initiate a firmware update.
  2. Under reports, select version update status. Here you can see the download status of the firmware versions.
    • You can select auto commit on successful logon to have G7 Bridge automatically update its firmware the next time it is powered on after the update has reached 100%
    • You can manually update Bridge’s firmware when the download is at 100% by selecting activate downloaded versions. NOTE: G7 Bridge will reset and lose connectivity with connected G7x’s while the firmware updates.G7X AND G7 BRIDGE OVER-THE-AIR FIRMWARE UPDATES
  3. After G7 Bridge has the new firmware, it will download G7x’s firmware update. The download status will show from the version update status page
  4. When G7x’s firmware download is at 100%, power on G7x and wait for its flashing green light to be solid to indicate it has connected to G7 Bridge.
  5. Power cycle G7x. It will flash blue and yellow lights when the firmware is updating. When G7x returns to normal working function, the firmware update has been successfully completed. You can check the firmware version from G7’s menu.