G7x and G7 Bridge over-the-air firmware updates


Updated October 18, 2021


  •  Firmware for G7 Bridge can only be downloaded over a cellular connection. It will stop or pause if switching to satellite and will not download entirely when on satellite.
  • G7x firmware can be downloaded over both a cellular or satellite connection.
  • Bridge must commit its own new firmware before G7x can commit new firmware.


Firmware update process

  1. After G7 Bridge has the new firmware, it will start uploading the new firmware to G7x.
  2. When the firmware is fully uploaded to G7x, it will be committed the next time a user powers on their device and it connects to G7 Bridge.
  3. You will see G7x log off and blue and yellow lights will flash while the firmware updates. G7x will then go into its start-up sequence. When the green light at the top of the device is solid, G7x is ready to use and the new features will be available.

NOTE: You can see the download status of the firmware versions by visiting Blackline Live > Reports > Version update status.

See G7C AND G7X FIRMWARE UPDATE PROCESS FOR VERSION 3.450 for specific details.