Gas Regulators

Updated on April 28, 2022

What is a gas regulator?

Gas regulators are an accessory that attaches to a gas cylinder. They regulate the amount of gas flowing from the cylinder. NOTE: There are many types of regulators. The ones shown below are available from Blackline Safety.

Demand Flow Regulators


What is a demand flow regulator?

Demand flow regulators have an on-demand flow rate, where gas is let through as necessary.

What is a demand flow regulator used for?

Demand flow regulators are used with docking stations, like G7 Dock. This regulator only allows for gas flow when required by the dock.

Fixed Flow Regulators

What is a fixed flow regulator?

Fixed flow regulators have a fixed flow rate where gas flows from the tank at a steady rate. These regulators have a knob to manually start and stop the flow of gas.

What is a fixed flow regulator used for? 

Fixed flow regulators are used for gas calibrations and bump tests without a G7 Dock. The user manually starts and stops gas flow by turning the knob allowing for a constant and steady amount of gas to be applied to a device. 

How do I connect a gas regulator to a gas cylinder?

  1. Verify that the gas regulator inlet stem and gas cylinder outlet collar are clean and free from debris.
  2. Verify that the o-ring is securely placed on the gas regulator inlet stem.

  3. For fixed flow regulators, make sure the gas regulator control knob is in the closed position.
  4. Position the threaded neck of the gas regulator inlet stem inside the gas cylinder outlet collar and screw the gas regulator into place (clock-wise direction).

    NOTE: To prevent damage to the cylinder and regulator, do not over-tighten the connection. A hand-tight connection is adequate to secure the regulator to the cylinder.


How do I connect tubing to a gas regulator?

  1. Verify that the gas regulator outlet nozzle and tubing are clean and free from debris.
  2. To secure the tube to the regulator, position the tube end over top of the gas regulator outlet nozzle and press the tube firmly down over the nozzle.

    NOTE: Push the tubing as far as possible over the outlet nozzle to ensure there are no leaks and no possibility of the tube disconnecting from the regulator stem during use.


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