Gas Regulators

What is a regulator?

Regulators are an accessory that attaches to a gas cylinder. They regulate the amount of gas flowing from the cylinder. NOTE: There are many types of regulators. The ones shown below are available from Blackline Safety.

Demand Flow Regulator

GAS REGULATORS What is a Demand flow regulator used for? Demand flow regulators are used with docking stations, like G7 Dock. The regulator only expels gas when required by the dock. What is a Demand flow regulator? Demand flow regulators have an on-demand flow rate, where gas is let through as necessary.


Fixed Flow Regulator

GAS REGULATORS What is a Fixed flow regulator used for? Fixed flow regulators are used for gas calibrations and bump tests without a dock. The user manually starts and stops gas flow by turning the knob allowing for a constant and steady amount of gas to be applied to a device. What is a Fixed flow regulator? Fixed flow regulators have a fixed flow rate where gas flows from the tank at a steady rate. These regulators have a knob to manually start and stop the flow of gas.

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