Introducing the New Floorplans List page

Updated March 16, 2021


As part of Blackline Safety’s project to update Blackline Live — not only in functionality but in aesthetic as well — we will be releasing a new Floorplans page to accompany the Beacons page that was released just a few weeks ago. Like the other upgraded list pages in Blackline Live, this update will allow for customizable pagination, as well as searching and sorting.

The page was released Monday March 15, 2021.



The list will include the floorplan name, site address, and the layer it has been placed on. You can search by the name and site address, and sort any of these layers, making it easier to find particular floorplans.


The floorplan details page will remain in the older page format for now. Just as it did before, it will display the floorplan information, as well as a quick view of how it is placed on the map. You can click the link beneath the address to view the floorplan on the Live maps page.



If you have questions about the new floorplans page, please contact our Customer Care team.