Introducing the tumble alarm feature for EXO

Blackline Safety is introducing a new feature to G7 EXO — the tumble alarm setting will be added to the EXO configuration page on Monday May 10, 2021, and can be used with EXO firmware version 3.450 or higher.


What is a tumble alarm?

The tumble alarm feature is an audible and visual alarm on EXO that informs nearby users that EXO has fallen over. The entry points to EXO’s gas sensors can be blocked off if EXO is tipped over, so it is important that EXO is kept upright. 

In addition to the alarm on the device, customers with access to Blackline Live will also be able to check the Map history view to check when an EXO has fallen over and when it has been placed back upright.


How do I enable tumble alarm?

By default, tumble alarm will be toggled off. It can be turned on by opening the EXO configuration profile and opening the “Functional settings” section of the “Settings” card. The tumble alarm setting includes a single toggle to turn the feature on and off. To enable the feature, simply click the toggle to the ON position, and save the profile.


Tumble Alarm setting


Can I set up notifications for tumble alarm?

Yes! There are two options for being notified when an EXO falls over:

If you want to see tumble alarms as a red alert in Blackline Live for monitoring personnel to see and respond to, you can toggle ON “tumble alarm” in the alert profile. Any notified contacts in the alert profile will also be notified via SMS or email when a tumble alarm occurs

If you don’t want to see the alert in Blackline Live, but still want to be notified by SMS or email, you can toggle ON “tumble alarm” in a notification profile.


Notifications Tumble alarm



If you have questions about the new tumble alarm feature, please contact our Customer Care team.