Loner mobile location settings

When using Loner Mobile on your smartphone, the app will prompt you to enable location services. The following article outlines details around this.

Why does Loner Mobile need my location?

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 11.13.01 AMLoner Mobile uses your GPS location to be able to accurately display where you are in real-time on the Blackline Live portal. This location would be used in the case that monitoring personnel need to send you help if you were to send an SOS alert, or miss a check in.





should i always allow my location, or only while using the app? 

IMG-0772When Loner Mobile prompts to use your location, you have the options to choose "only while using the app", "always allow" or "don't allow" Note: In iOS 13 and newer, the app will only give you two options in the dialogue – only while using the app and don't allow.

Blackline Safety recommends choosing the "always" or "allow all the time" option (available from your phone's settings when running iOS 13 or newer) as this allows an accurate location regardless of if the app is in the background or foreground. This allows monitoring personnel to have the most accurate location for you should you need help.

The "only while using the app" setting doesn't allow for Loner Mobile to have as high of a location accuracy, as it doesn't allow Loner Mobile to access location when the app is in the background (when it is not open). 

If you choose the "never" or "deny" option, Loner Mobile will show you an error, as it needs your location to be able to monitor your safety.







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