Pairing new G7x devices with your organization’s Bridge network

When receiving a new G7x, it will first need to be paired to your organization’s Bridge network. Pairing devices is a one-time setup step. After being paired, G7x and any Bridge in your organization will automatically connect to one another when on and in range.

Before getting started you will need:

  • G7 Bridge with a solid green light
  • G7x Devices you wish to pair

How do I pair G7x with my organization's Bridge network?

 G7x will let you know it needs to be paired by sounding a yellow warning alarm and by showing pairing needed in the banner. To pair:

  1. Turn on G7 Bridge
  2. Press OK on G7 Bridge to open Bridge’s menu
    Use the up and down arrows to navigate to pair new G7 and press OK
  3. Use the up and down arrows to navigate to start and press OK 
    • NOTE: if your G7 Bridge will not allow you to start pairing, this means it has not yet been assigned a network key for your organization. Please contact our Customer Care team.
  4. G7 Bridge’s screen will say pairing started as it looks for devices
    Turn on up to 5 G7x devices. 
    • NOTE: G7 Bridge can only connect to 5 G7x devices at once.
  5. When G7x has been paired, you will notice the following:
    • G7 Bridge’s main screen will show that it has connected devices
    • The yellow warning alarm on G7x will silence
    • G7x’s green connectivity light will be solid (not flashing)
    • You will receive a message on G7’s screen that reads pairing succeeded and shows your organization's Bridge network key
  6. Press OK on G7 Bridge to stop pairing once all necessary devices have been paired.

If you are pairing more than 5 G7x devices, repeat steps 2-7 for all G7x devices. 

If you are having difficulties pairing, you can try the following:

  • Ensure that G7 Bridge has a solid connectivity light
  • Place G7 Bridge and G7x within 1-3 meters of one another. If devices are too close, they may have difficulties connecting. 
  • Ensure you aren’t trying to pair more than 5 G7x devices at once. G7 Bridge can only connect to 5 G7x devices at a time.

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