Peak readings in Device history view

What are Peak readings?

Peak readings are the highest readings of gas detected during an exposure. Aside from reporting the highest concentration of gas reported in a particular area, peak readings can also be used while performing leak checks and pre entry checks before entering a confined space. G7 records this reading locally on the device so that the device user can check it at any time, and Blackline Safety is working to make these readings more accessible through Blackline Live.

What do we already display?

Peak readings on G7

Peak readings are stored locally on G7 so that device users can review them at any time. These readings are collected and updated continuously until the device either power cycles or until the user manually clears them.




Often the user is not watching the device’s LCD screen while they are working, and we recommend when a device goes into alarm that the user prioritizes getting to a safe area — because of this, they might miss the exact readings on the device as an exposure is occurring. Being able to check the peak readings on the device once they have ensured their safety allows them to see the concentration of the gas in the area they were in and notify a supervisor if necessary.

These peak readings can also be used in the field while checking confined spaces before entering, or checking pipes and valves for gas leaks. In these cases, G7 can be used to sample gas levels of a potentially dangerous areas before entering, and then the user can check the peak readings to see the highest gas reading the device detected from that area.


Peak readings in alert history

In the past, Blackline Live only displayed peak reading information when a high gas alert was triggered, and this information was only viewable as part of the alert history, in the notes section of the page. The peak readings note is automated, and is added as soon as gas levels dip back below the high threshold. The notes will display what concentration the peak was, and the timestamp that the peak reading occurred on the device.


What new info are we displaying?

In addition to the alert notes, this update will add peak readings to the device history map in Blackline Live. It will also enable users to review the peak reading of any gas exposure, and not just ones that trigger a high gas alert. 

PeakReadings_HistoryAnytime a gas exposure is detected on G7, an additional message will be sent to Blackline Live with the gas readings. This additional message will be logged as it’s own event type in the device history map, and will contain the peak reading for the sensor that was exposed to gas. If multiple sensors have an exposure, each sensor will report its peak reading separately, so this may result in multiple peak readings events with almost the same timestamps.


This change will be implemented December 3, 2020.

What future improvements will we make?

In addition to G7 reporting peak readings for each gas exposure, we also plan to display peak readings when the device switches configuration modes. Some modes are designed specifically for entering areas that are known to contain gas, so it can be helpful to see the accumulated peak reading of each sensor while the device was in that mode. These readings will be shown in a single message in the device map history. 

This information is planned to be added to Blackline Live in Jan 2021.