Replacing Filters For G7 Single-Gas Cartridges

Updated: November 08, 2022

This article describes how to change the filter on your G7 single-gas cartridge.

G7 filters must be replaced when they become visibly soiled or if bump tests and calibrations fail repeatedly.

IMPORTANT: Always follow the documented procedures, using the recommended equipment when replacing cartridge filters.

You will need:
    • Torx T6 Screwdriver
    • G7 single-gas cartridge
    • Replacement filter from kit (ACC-S-FILT10-INT) (available for purchase from Blackline Safety’s Customer Care)

To replace the filter:

  1. Remove and set aside the screws on the sides of G7's cartridge, pulling upwards on the cartridge to release it from G7.

  2. Disassemble the cartridge by removing and setting aside the two screws on the back of the cartridge.

  3. Separate the front and back of the cartridge by gently pulling them apart.

  4. Remove the old filter from the cartridge, discarding the old filter.

    NOTE: If you don't see the filter on the cartridge, it may be in the sensor socket. You can tap on the filter from the outside of the cartridge to dislodge it or use tweezers to remove it.

  5. Place the new filter in the sensor socket with the gasket facing to the outside of the cartridge.

  6. Hold down the SureSafe light PCB, align the cartridge groove with the PCB, and slide the front and back of the cartridge together.

    NOTE: Use caution when sliding the front and back of the cartridge together to prevent damage to the SureSafe light PCB.

  7. Replace the two screws on the back of the cartridge, using a maximum tightening torque of 3.3 in-lbf (0.37 N-m) to complete the reassembly of the cartridge.

    IMPORTANT: Do not over torque the screws, as this can damage the screws or screw posts.

  8. Re-attach the cartridge to G7 by sliding the cartridge down onto G7 and replacing the screws on either side of the cartridge.


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