Pairing devices with G7 Bridge

G7 Bridge and G7x come paired when shipped directly from Blackline. If you have purchased from a distributor (or are a distributor yourself), or have recently had your Bridge's network key reset, here are some things you can try if you are having difficulties pairing the devices:

Why won't my G7 Bridge allow me to start pairing?

There are a few reasons G7 Bridge won't allow for pairing to start:

  • Bridge could have a network key of 0. In order to pair G7 Bridge with devices, it needs to be set to a network key. Our Customer Care team can help you with this.
  • If you have chatted with Customer Care and assigned your Bridge a new network key, it may be taking a minute for it to accept the new key. Try powering off and on the Bridge and making sure it has a clear view of the sky, and Customer Care can check if the Bridge has taken the new key on their end.
  • G7 Bridge may not be connected to the Blackline Live network. If your Bridge's green SureSafe light is flashing, it won't allow you to start pairing until the light is solid and you are connected. If you are inside try moving closer to a window, or ensuring Bridge has a clear view of the sky when outdoors.


Why won't G7x or Loner 900 connect to G7 Bridge?

There are a few reasons G7x may not be connecting to G7 Bridge:

  • Bridge may not be in pairing mode. Ensure that you have started pairing from G7 Bridge's menu.
  • G7x or 900 may be out of range of G7 Bridge. Ensure that G7x/900 and G7 Bridge are within 2km of one another. Remember, if there are mountains, foliage or buildings in the way, your connectivity distance could be shortened.
  • G7x or 900 may be trying to connect to other Bridges in the area. If there are other Bridges in the area, try turning them off or distancing them from G7x.
    • If you can't distance yourself or turn off other Bridges in the area, try powering G7x/Loner 900 down. Then, starting pairing on G7 Bridge. When pairing is started, turn G7x/Loner 900 on immediately.
  • You may have the maximum number of devices connected to G7 Bridge. If you currently have 5 G7x or Loner 900 devices connected to Bridge, a 6th won't be able to connect.


If you are still having difficulties pairing G7x or Loner 900 with G7 Bridge, give our Customer Care team a call and they can give you a hand:

North America (24 hours)


United Kingdom (8am-5pm GMT)

+44 1787 222684

International (24 hours)