Understanding Offline Data Storage For G7 Devices

This article provides detail on how G7 devices collect and store data when not connected to Blackline Live.


Device Data Collection and Connectivity

G7c, G7x, and G7 EXO continuously collect and sent data to Blackline Live. You can identify if your G7 device is connected to Blackline Live by the green connectivity light. A blinking connectivity light indicates that G7 is trying to connect to Blackline Live.



Offline Data Storage

If your G7 device is unable to connect to Blackline Live, it will continue to monitor the area and collect data in its local memory. Data collected while the device is not connected will be stored by the device until it can connect. When G7 re-establishes a connection, the collected data is sent to Blackline Live.

The amount of data that can be stored depends on the type of device:

  • G7c and G7x have approximately 24 hours of local memory.
  • G7 EXO has approximately 48 hours of local memory.

NOTE: When the device experiences an event, it affects the amount of available local memory. More frequent events generate more collected data to store, which can result in the device reaching its local memory capacity sooner.

If your G7 device remains unable to connect and send the collected data to Blackline Live for longer than the capacity of device’s local memory, the device will overwrite the stored data, beginning with the oldest.

Data only

IMPORTANT: When a G7 device has overwritten data, it cannot be recovered.