Using the Wind Guard for Bump Testing or Calibrating G7 EXO Diffusion

When bumping testing or calibrating G7 EXO Diffusion in windy conditions, the Wind Guard is required to help regulate the flow and concentration of gas delivered to the sensors.

WARNING: The Wind Guard MUST be removed when the bump test or calibration is complete. Failure to remove the Wind Guard will slow down EXO’s response to hazardous gases.


  1. Position the Wind Guard in front of EXO with the narrow ends on top, as shown below.

  2. Slide the Wind Guard into the front 360° air diffusion vents (underneath the Top Lights). When the Wind Guard is in the proper position, the two clamps will lock.
  3. Bump test or calibrate as usual.
  4. When bump test or calibration is complete, immediately remove the Wind Guard and store for later use.