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Blackline Analytics — Alerts report

We are excited to be introducing a new report as part of our analytics feature on Blackline Live. Blackline Analytics is a collection of interactive and highly visual reports that display device data to you in a way that is intuitive and comprehensive. Blackline analytics can be used to provide powerful statistics, track trending data, review device history or investigate outlier data.

To learn more about Blackline Analytics, please see this support article.

This report is now available for all organizations.


Alerts report


The new alerts report collects and displays data pertaining to device alerts. This report delivers information about:

  • The number of alerts being generated
  • Where and when each alert occurred
  • Which organizations, groups and device users are generating alerts
  • What types of alerts are being generated


In addition, for organizations using our optional real-time safety features, this report communicates:

  • The average and median time it takes for alerts to be processed (including system delivery, acknowledgement and resolution)
  • Processing time for individual alerts
  • The resolution reasons for each alert



Using PowerBI as a platform, this data is highly interactive and can be filtered and focused to review the activity of specific groups or users, or investigate particular alerts. You can hover over any point on these charts to see a full breakdown of all of the data collected from that point.


Alert logs


The alert logs show data in a tabular format that is easy to sort, filter and export. This table shows the full breakdown of the alert information and resolution process, as well as alert notes that are added by monitoring personnel, so that each step of the emergency response protocol can be reviewed.

For more information, contact our Customer Care team.