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Blackline Analytics — Asset utilization reports

Another set of reports has been added to Blackline Analytics — these new asset utilization reports deliver valuable visuals and information logs about devices in your fleet. These reports include not only our main line of devices, but also G7 cartridges, Location Beacons and G7 Docks. These reports can help you ensure your fleet is always well maintained and running smoothly.

Each device is handled in a separate report in order to keep information relevant and consistent. The three reports are:

  • Beacons
  • Devices and cartridges
  • Docks

Each report includes logs in a tabular format, which can be filtered and sorted to extract valuable data. Simply click on the column header to sort by that column, and click a second time to reverse the order. Additionally, clicking the ellipses icon will give you more options.


Asset utilization — Beacons


Locations beacons can be used to deliver more accurate G7 location readings when using the device indoors. Since GPS can be unreliable inside, a nearby beacon can sense a G7 and deliver its location to the portal.

The beacons report communicates the status and effectiveness of your Location Beacons — you can use this report to monitor battery levels and ensure locations are being delivered frequently and consistently.

This report includes:

  • Total number of beacon locations reported
  • Number of beacons requiring maintenance
  • Number of locations reported by each beacon
  • Number of beacon locations reported over time
  • Beacon battery level
  • Beacon logs (tabular data)


Asset utilization — Devices and cartridges


The next report delivers information about devices in your organization. Most notably, this includes the cartridges that can be attached to your G7 devices.

This report gives a full overview of the status of your devices, including their firmware version and when they last communicated with the Blackline Safety Network. You can use these logs to stay on top of firmware updates and ensure your devices and device cartridges are being used and maintained regularly.

This report includes:

  • Total number of devices
  • Total number of cartridges
  • Overview of device fleet, cartridge types and latest firmware versions
  • Firmware status (up to date or requiring update)
  • Device logs
  • Cartridge logs


Asset utilization — Docks


Docks can automatically charge, bump test and calibrate G7 devices, making them valuable assets when striving for efficiency and compliance. This report delivers information on the locations and usage of G7 Docks. Use the map to see where a dock was last used, and track each dock's bump test and calibration results to track performance and ensure regular maintenance.

This report includes:

  • A dock locations map
  • Bump tests per dock
  • Calibrations per dock
  • Dock logs

For more information, contact our Customer Care team.