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Blackline Analytics Service Disruption: Feb 17 to Feb 28, 2023

Updated on March 3, 2023.

Blackline Analytics experienced a service disruption that impacted Analytics reports for all customers. The disruption began on February 17 and was resolved on February 28, though data restoration is still in progress.

Service Statement and Impact

The service disruption impacted Blackline Analytics as follows:

  • Data from February 17 to February 28 was not being loaded into the Blackline Analytics data warehouse and was not available in Analytics reports.
  • All Blackline Analytics reports were affected, including all emailed weekly and monthly reports sent on or after February 17.

We confirmed that all data was still being captured in the background and was available for restoration.

Blackline Safety devices and Blackline Live were not impacted by this service disruption.

Action Taken

When the service disruption was identified, Blackline Safety took following actions:

  • Investigated the root cause.
  • Restored all data in the data warehouse, confirmed that the data is accurate, and verified that all Analytics reports contain the data for the affected period.

On or before March 9, 2023, Blackline Safety will resend all emailed weekly and monthly reports sent out between February 17 and March 2 that were impacted by the missing data.

Preventative Action

Blackline Safety will implement the following improvements:

  • Improve the performance and monitoring of our Analytics data pipeline.
  • Improve the process and communication when incidents are identified.

Our Commitment

Blackline Safety is committed to providing high quality, reliable service. In 2022, we delivered 99.5% uptime.

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