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G7 Firmware Release Notes

G7 firmware updates to Blackline devices are deployed wirelessly in real-time, providing no device downtime or interruptions for users.

G7 Firmware Update 3.311R1

Includes an expanded gas sensor portfolio and improved functionality for G7, as well as general bug fixes. The roll-out will be automatic with no user training required.

Blackline will push the release to G7c devices in batches — when your device is included in the push, the next time you turn your device off and then back on again, the firmware update will commence. We expect 90% of fielded G7c devices to complete the update within a week of roll-out.

  • Your device will turn on as usual, cycling through the start-up sequence
  • Once start-up is complete, your G7c screen will go dark and lights to the right of the screen will start blinking and flashing
  • The lights will continue to blink/flash for 4-5 minutes (you won't be able to use your device during this time)
  • Your device will re-start, going through the power-on cycle
  • Once the green SureSafe light is solid, your safety is being monitored and you can resume normal use of your G7c

Compared to G7c, the roll-out for G7x will take slightly longer, as we cannot push the update to as many devices at one time. We expect most fielded G7x systems to complete the update within a couple weeks.






MEMS Pellistor is now globally certified and available.


PID sensor for G7c is now available in both a single-gas and multi-gas gas variant.


G7 now supports a CO2 gas sensor in both a single-gas and multi-gas variant.


G7 now supports a Cl2 sensor in both a single-gas and multi-gas variant.

O2, CO and toxic sensor filtering

Blackline’s toxic and oxygen sensors now feature firmware-level filtering to help smooth-out small fluctuations in gas readings due to temperature, humidity and pressure fluctuations, reducing the number of nuisance alarms.

O2 stabilization screen

To ensure you don't waste time re-starting your device, this new feature will stop users from skipping the O2 stabilization sequence when they turn their device on.

G7 Multi-language support

Language can now be changed on G7 from the device menu. Options include English, French, Deutsch, Italian and Spanish.

Improved bump testing

This allows for more flexibility in the calibration/bump test gas used.

Increased data on G7c

G7 will now collect gas readings above a certain threshold at a more frequent interval and send them in to the server every one to five minutes, allowing for improved data analytics capabilities.

Easy-push buttons

The two arrow buttons are now easier to press, and if one of your fingers slips off, the countdown will now continue with only one point of contact.

Network screen

G7 now clearly displays the network signal strength.

GPS/beacon power savings

G7 will now keep its GPS in a low-power state while beacons are present, adding ~2 hrs extra run-time in locations where the user has good beacon coverage.

Peak value reset

Peak values can now be reset without restarting the device.

G7 Dock menu enhancements

The G7 menu for G7 Dock now shows inlet configuration and bump test/calibration information and stays on this screen unless otherwise prompted.

Text message expansions

G7 now supports 10 customizable pre-set messages of up to 16 characters each.

Bug fixes