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G7c TimeStamp Issue

Updated July 6, 2023.

We have recently discovered an issue that may cause some G7c devices to inaccurately report the time associated with device measurements and data (i.e., the timestamp is not accurate).

As this issue is related to firmware version 3.467, we have paused any further rollout. To resolve the issue, we will be developing, testing, and certifying G7c firmware version 3.467R2 with CSA in the coming weeks and will provide another update when it is ready to roll out.

G7c devices with the following Unit ID ranges are affected:

  • 3571001000 – 3571199999
  • 3571201000 – 3571399999

The inaccurate timestamp may impact you as follows:

  • Check-ins may incorrectly be reported as missed.
  • Blackline Live Device Logs may report incorrect time.
  • Reports, Analytics, and other data-based features in Blackline Live may report incorrect times.

Essential device functionality—including gas detection, remote assistance and SOC, two-way voice and lone worker—is not impacted by this issue.

If you experience this issue, please power cycle your device when you are in a known safe environment to temporarily correct the issue.