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Improvements to bump test and calibration reminders

An update is being made to G7’s firmware to alter the behavior of the bump test and calibration reminder intervals. This update allows these intervals to work with the operational while charging feature, and also provides a more accurate reminder system overall. You will see these changes with the next firmware update.

How did bump test and calibration intervals work before?

Previously, G7’s bump test and calibration reminder would always reset at 12:00am UTC, and the device would let the user know that it was out of compliance with a yellow warning alarm upon start-up. These reminders worked because the user would have to power down the device at the end of every shift.

However, it did mean that a user might be prompted to re-test their device before a full 24 hours has passed since their last one. It also meant that when using the new operational while charging feature — which allows the device to remain on while charging — there was a potential for the device to never receive these reminders.

How do bump test and calibration intervals work now?

To improve these reminders, G7 will now prompts device users to bump test or calibrate their device a full 24-hours (or multiple of) after the last test was completed, and it will not require a power cycle. This makes for more accurate reminders, and accommodates for the new charging functionality that allows devices to be left powered on indefinitely.