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Introducing push-to-talk


Push-to-talk allows G7c to function similarly to a walkie-talkie, where G7c devices in the same organization and on the same channel will be able to have 2-way conversations with one another. Unlike traditional walkie-talkies, there is no limited transmission range. Since G7c is using cellular networks to transmit, G7c devices can talk to one another regardless of where they are in the world.


To use this feature, customers will need new G7c devices (with hardware that supports PTT), and a PTT service plan. PTT is only available on G7c, as it is our only G7 device that supports voice functionality. G7x or Loner products are not compatible.


Changes to hardware

With push-to-talk, G7c is getting new hardware components. Regardless of if you purchase a PTT service plan or not, all new G7c devices will ship with the ability to enable PTT. If you are using old G7c devices, you won’t have the ability to enable PTT as these devices don’t have the internal components for PTT to function. G7c with PTT will look exactly the same as old G7c devices and can be differentiated with the unit ID. PTT enabled devices have a unit ID beginning with 3567 or 3569, where non-PTT devices have a unit ID beginning with 3566 or 3568.

Changes to menu

G7 is getting a new menu item for PTT users. Devices that are PTT enabled with a PTT service plan and PTT enabled in their configuration profile will find a “PTT Channel” menu option. This is where you can change your channel. You can also get to this menu by pressing the up or down arrow from G7’s home screen. Your current channel will be displayed and you can press the OK button to change it.

G7c devices with PTT also support the pairing of audio accessories. Under settings, there is a new option called “audio pairing”. This is where users who will be using an audio accessory can pair, view status or forget devices. If you are using an audio accessory, you will see a new audio icon in the info bar of G7 when the device is connected.