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Loner M6 Product End-of-Life notification

Dear valued customer,

With the introduction of our line of G7 safety wearables, the Blackline Safety Loner M6 product has reached its end-of-life and has been discontinued. Our new G7 product line supports the same lone worker monitoring features as M6, plus the addition of a graphical display and other innovative features including gas detection and push-to-talk.



For details on how Blackline Safety will continue to support our valued customers please review the details below: 

Service / Functionality 

Your device will continue to function normally and be supported by the Blackline Safety Network so long as there is an active service plan and the hardware itself is in good working order. 


If your M6 was purchased within the last year, the Loner M6 product was sold with a 1-Year limited warranty. Blackline will honor this warranty. In the event replacement parts are unavailable, a G7c device will be offered under the warranty replacement.  

Replacement options 

Blackline Safety released G7c in 2017. This device expanded on our learnings and customer feedback from the M6, and has been designed to be more user friendly with an LCD display and features such as gas detection and push-to-talk.  Upgrade to a new G7c with a two-year warranty by contacting your distributor or contacting 


Blackline Safety is committed to the safety and performance of your team. Please contact our Customer Care team with any concerns related to your M6 devices.