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Loner Mobile update - version 1.9

Loner Mobile's newest update is now available for download. iPhone users can expect to see version 1.9.0, and Android users can expect to see version

Along with some general bug fixes, here are the key features that you can expect to see on your app:

Check-in timer feature update

LONER MOBILE UPDATE - VERSION 1.9The biggest change in this update is that users with permissions to change their configuration will now be able to edit their check-in timer without the need to stop monitoring. This changes the way Loner Mobile looks from the home screen, as users with configuration permissions will now see two buttons: change timer and check in.

With this change, users can also set different repeat options for the timer. This allows you to only have Loner Mobile check on you when you need it, whether that be always, never, once, twice, or until a specific time – such as if you were going into a potentially dangerous meeting or situation.

A key consideration to remember with this new check-in timer feature is that if you have a default check-in timer, using this new feature will override the default. If you do not want your employees to be able to override this default or change their timer, Blackline suggests turning off permissions to allow users to configure their own app.

To learn more please refer to the complete breakdown of the new check-in timer feature, found here.

No-motion now available from phone

Users who do not have Bluetooth accessories, such as SOS Button or Loner Duo, can now use their phone to monitor for motion.

Three sensitivity settings are available for no-motion: high, medium and low. High sensitivity settings are recommended for those who don't move often, such as desk workers. Low sensitivity settings are recommended for those who are very active in their jobs, such as those in the field. The no-motion timer is configurable for between 1 and 30 minutes, if Loner Mobile doesn't detect motion for that period of time the app goes into pending alarm.

Multiple language support

Loner Mobile now supports French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch and Portuguese. Your app's language is controlled from the settings page, and can only be changed when not monitored.


For any questions regarding the update, Loner Mobile, or other support inquiries, our Customer Care team is here to help.