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New G7 configuration profile default settings

In order to improve our company configuration recommendations and help streamline new deployments, we have made adjustments to some of the default settings in the G7 configuration profile.

Only the default values have been changed — these changes will have no effect on any existing configuration profiles, and these values can always be changed during the configuration creation process.


The following settings have been changed:

  • Fall detection — the default fall detection sensitivity has been increased to 65%, meaning that it is now less sensitive to falls and will result in less false alarms.
  • No-motion detection — the default no-motion sensitivity has been decreased to 15% meaning it will detect movement more effectively and will result in less false alarms.
  • Pending alarm — the pending period has been increased to 60 seconds — this means that when G7 goes into yellow pending alarm as a result of a potential fall detection, no-motion or missed check-in, the user will have a full minute to confirm their safety. Again, this will help to reduce the number of false alerts experienced.