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New Default Gas Threshold Levels for Blackline Live Europe Domain

Effective September 18, 2023, we will implement new default gas thresholds for new customers and organizations created in the Blackline Live Europe domain. This change allows us to better set up our customers to meet European gas threshold standards.

These changes do not apply to the Blackline Live U.S. domain, as the current defaults are already set to U.S. standards.

New Minimum Thresholds

The minimum gas thresholds that are changing are:

  • Low Gas
  • High Gas
  • TWA (Time Weighted Average)
  • STEL (Short Term Exposure Limits)

Please see the table below for a detailed description of the threshold changes. These changes will apply to device profiles for the following devices:

  • G6
  • G7c
  • G7x
  • G7 EXO

EU Gas Thresholds 1Impact to Configuration Profiles and Devices

These changes will have no impact on your existing custom (named) configuration profiles and will not change any devices in those existing profiles. If you have existing custom profiles and you want to apply the new thresholds, you can complete this manually in Blackline Live. For detailed steps on how to update your configuration profiles, refer to the Blackline Live Technical User Manual.

You can tell if you are using a default configuration profile by looking at the profile name on the Devices page in Blackline Live. If it’s anything other than “Default” (as shown below), you are not using a default profile.


Default Profile

If your devices are using a default configuration profile, the changes will be applied to your devices the next time your devices sync with Blackline Live. If you do not want to apply the new gas thresholds, you can create a custom configuration profile using the instructions in the Blackline Live Technical User Manual.


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