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Cancelled: Planned Cellular Communication Service Provider Maintenance Window - July 8, 2018

NOTE: This planned maintenance has been cancelled, your service will not be affected.

As a Blackline Safety customer, we would like to advise you that our cellular communication service provider will be conducting a planned maintenance on July 8, 2018 13:00 MDT/20:00 GMT/19:00 UTC.

All devices requiring cellular communication may be impacted.  Please keep in mind that your device is connected to the cellular network when it is displaying a solid green light.  In the event that your device has a flashing green light you should revert back to your company's secondary safety protocol.  Messages will be delayed but not lost during this maintenance.

The duration of the maintenance is planned for 90 minutes with up to 30 minutes of service interruption.

  • Start: July 8, 2018 -  13:00 MDT
  • Start: July 8, 2018 -  20:00 GMT
  • Start: July 8, 2018 -  19:00 UTC


  • End: July 8, 2018 -  14:30 MDT
  • End: July 8, 2018 -  21:30 GMT
  • End: July 8, 2018 -  20:30 UTC


Safety Products Affected

  • G7c
  • M6/ M6i
  • Loner IS
  • Loner SMD


Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding this service interruption, please feel free to contact Blackline's Customer Care team.

North America phone number: 1-877-869-7212
Blackline Safety Europe phone number: +44 1787 222684
International phone number: +1-403-451-0327
Live Chat: