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*RESOLVED* Planned Satellite Service Provider Maintenance Advisory - June 20, 2019 MDT/BST, June 21, 2019 AEST

As a Blackline Safety customer, we would like to advise you that our Satellite communication provider Iridium has notified us about a planned maintenance that they will be conducting on June 20, 2019 MDT/BST, and on June 21, 2019 AEST

"As part of our continuous efforts to improve SBD services, we will be installing a new SBD back-end system release (8.1.3) which contains bug fixes and some minor enhancements. No outage is expected for this upgrade. However, in the unexpected event of a failure, SBD services could be delayed or become unavailable for up to 5 minutes. This release is purely service driven and no over the air, firmware or device related changes are included in this release. Customers should not expect to see any device behavior or Iridium network changes."

Devices operating outside of cellular coverage may be impacted. Any devices located in cell coverage will not be affected as they will switch from satellite to cell coverage.

Please keep in mind that your device is connected when it is displaying a solid green light. In the event that your device has a flashing green light you may need to revert to your company’s secondary safety protocol.

Please review the important details below for schedule information:


Maintenance Window Information

The duration of the maintenance is planned for 4 hours with up to 5 minutes of downtime (messages might be delayed but not lost during this maintenance) .

  • Start: June 20, 2019 -  09:00 MDT
  • Start: June 20, 2019 -  16:00 BST
  • Start: June 21, 2019 -  01:00 AEST
  • End: June 20, 2019 -  13:00 MDT
  • End: June 20, 2019 -  20:00 BST
  • End: June 21, 2019 -  05:00 AEST

* Click Here to view additional time zones.


Safety Products Affected

  • Loner 900 /Bridge
  • G7X/ Bridge


Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding this service interruption, please feel free to contact Blackline's Customer Care team.

North America phone number: 1-877-869-7212
Blackline Safety Europe phone number: +44 1787 222684
International phone number: +1-403-451-0327