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Quick assign your devices

Edited September 6, 2018

Blackline Safety is making it easier than ever to quickly and efficiently assign devices to team members using the new quick assign page. Simply enter the names or ID’s of the device and team member you want to pair, and they will be assigned instantly. This new page is also optimized to be used with a barcode scanner, allowing devices to be assigned back to back.

This feature is tentatively scheduled to launch September 6, 2018.


Employee ID’s

In order to make it easier to scan team members, a new employee ID field has been added to the team member profile. This represents a company-assigned number that identifies a team member.

Team member profile requirements will change in order to allow an employee ID to replace a first and last name — as long as a contact has one or the other, they can be successfully created.


Add contacts

If a team member you are trying to assign does not already exist in the organization, you can easily add a new contact right from the quick assign page. This modal will only create contacts — it cannot be used to create account users with access to Blackline Live.


Contact admin role

To accompany this new page, we have introduced a new role for users whose primary responsibility in the portal is to manage and assign team members. These users are referred to as “contact admins.” If a contact admin does not have any other additional roles, their view of the portal will be limited to focus on pages that deal with team member management and device assignment.

What can a contact admin do?

  • See devices and team members
  • Edit device name
  • Add/edit/deactivate contact team members
  • Assign and unassign devices


For more information, refer to the full quick assign guide or contact our Customer Care team.