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What's new in the 3.411 firmware update

G7's newest firmware update 3.411 features a variety of new features. These new features include:

Read the details of these features below, or select a feature from the list to there automatically.


Multi-gas pump cartridge

With the release of 3.411 comes the full support of G7's multi-gas pump cartridge. This includes an automated block test on pumped mode entry, customizable hose length and optional sample timer.

Supplementary materials on the multi-gas pump cartridge and it's firmware changes can be found here:


Viewing assigned user on the device

When enabled from G7's configuration profile, you can now see the assigned team member of a device on the G7 during start-up, from the user info menu or while charging. This is helpful when a user needs to quickly find the device they’re assigned to.


Push-to-talk feedback program

To ensure push-to-talk (PTT) is the best quality it can be, we have launched a feedback program. This enables options right on G7's screen to send feedback to our team. To have this enabled on your PTT devices, please contact your Account Manager or our Customer Care team.

More information about this program is available here.


New sensor support - Ozone, Chlorine Dioxide and High-range Hydrogen Sulfide

In 3.411 comes the support of our three newest sensors – Ozone (O3), Chlorine Dioxoide (ClO2) and High Range Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S). All three of these sensors are available now.

Mute bump test and calibration reminder

A new configuration option is available from G7's configuration profile – the  option of muting overdue bump and calibrations. When a device has an overdue bump test or calibration and this feature is enabled, the yellow warning alarm will be muted. The info banner will still display that a bump test or calibration is due, and the device will show out of compliance on the fleet health and bump test and calibration report.

10 second updates (G7c only)

G7c now has the ability to send in 10 second logs for all cellular devices at fixed intervals. This allows for more detailed productivity reports including travel path detection.

This feature is currently only available on an as-requested basis. Please speak to your Account Manager for details.


Have questions about the 3.411 firmware update, G7 or otherwise? Contact our Customer Care team.