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What’s New in Blackline Analytics – April 2023

Updated June 9, 2023.

Blackline Analytics has been updated. These updates will go live in the UK/EU on April 19 and in North America/Rest of World on April 26. The updates include:

  • A new report: Emailed High Gas Exposures
  • Updated visual theme for all Analytics Essential reports
  • Improvements for the following reports:
    • Bump Tests and Calibrations
    • Devices and Cartridges
    • Docks
    • Emailed Alerts Report

New Emailed High Gas Exposures Report

We have added a new emailed report to help you log worker exposures to high gas environments. The High Gas Exposures report shows the log of all high gas exposures on a weekly or monthly basis. The PDF report is available with both the G6 and G7 System Access plans. To request this report, please contact Blackline Technical Support.

Updated Visual Theme for All Analytics Essential Reports

All Analytics Essential reports have been updated for a consistent look and interactive experience. The updates include:

  • Filter order and layout standardized
  • Filters across report pages synced, where possible
  • Last updated timestamp added to bottom of each page
  • Reset button standardized

These changes are only visual in nature. All data and functionality remain the same.

We have also added an About page to each report to communicate the available data history, update frequency, and device types. Although they do not show on the About page, all Loner devices (M6, M6i, SMD, 900, Bridge, IS) will still show on the reports.,

Additional Report Improvements


Bump Tests and Calibrations

The following improvements were made to the Bump Tests and Calibrations report:

  • Moved the Tests over time chart and Test details table to their own pages.
  • Updated the chart to only show failures by sensor type.
  • Added a new chart to show the number of tests performed manually or on a dock.
  • Added a new view on the Test Details page to show/hide individual sensor test results.
  • Added a summary count for the number of overdue devices, and number of failed tests in the selected date range.


Devices and Cartridges

The following improvements were made to the Devices and Cartridges report:

  • Updated the table (adding totals, combining small tables, improved column names).
  • Added a summary count for devices on/not on the latest firmware.
  • Added the number of cartridge and sensor types.
  • Added a Cartridge type column to device details (pump / diffusion).
  • Removed multiple rows for a single device that is in multiple groups. While you can only see one group a device is part of, filtering by a group will still show you all devices in that group. Update June 9, 2023: This change has been reverted to the original functionality.
  • Removed dates for last/next bump test and calibration (still visible on the Bump Tests and Calibrations report).



The following improvements were made to the Docks report:

  • Split into two pages to improve readability.
  • Added summary counts for the number of failed tests and docks used in the selected time frame.
  • Added new filters for test type (bump test/calibration) and mode (docked/manual).
  • Added a chart for passed/failed tests by dock (was originally in Bump Tests and Calibrations).


Emailed Alerts Report

The following improvements were made to the emailed Alerts report:

  • Updated formatting to improve readability.
  • Simplified table designs to make important information stand out.
  • Designated new colors for each phase of an alert response, which shows up throughout the report.
  • Updated the Alert Response Times pie charts to bar charts for a more consistent look.
  • Overhauled the Alert Details Supporting information is along the left side, the Alert Details table is redesigned, the time elapsed chart is increased in size, and the total alert time has been added.
  • Updated the body content of the email.


Technical Support

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