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What’s new in Blackline Analytics – August 2023

New Interactive Report: How to Use Blackline Analytics

We are pleased to introduce a new tutorial report to give you hands-on tips and tricks for interacting with Blackline Analytics reports. The report will roll out between August 16 and August 25.

You can access this tutorial in two ways:

NOTE: The report has been created using sample data and does not contain any actual data from your organization.

Where to find the Tutorial report

We have added this new report to the bottom of the list of Essential reports available in Blackline Analytics.

blackline-live-listList of reports in Blackline Analytics

The PDF version is available on the Blackline Support Center website.

Key Sections

Report Structure

This section details the common sections and functionality found on all Essential reports.


Interacting with Visuals

This section shows the many ways you can interact with reports, and what each icon means.


Filtering Data

This section allows you to explore cross-highlighting, drilling up/down, and expanding hierarchies.


Exporting Data

This section shows you the ways you can export data from a report.


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