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What's New In Blackline Live - November 2022

We are pleased to inform you G6 is enabled in Blackline Live for the U.S. domain!

IMPORTANT: The new G6 functionality is specific to customers using G6. For more information on G6, contact our Customer Care team.

Where will I see G6 in Blackline Live


Blackline Live System Access is offered as a standard part of each G6 service plan. G6 is now enabled on the following Blackline Live pages:

In addition, the Blackline Live map includes the following new feature for G6:



View information about your G6 fleet, including assigned team member, configuration, and current status.




Device Details

View details about a specific G6 device, including its custom name, assigned team member, assigned configuration profiles, and any groups it belongs to.




Group Details

Assign G6 devices to existing groups, allowing you to organize devices by work site, project, or team. Use the group assignments to generate Blackline Analytics reports and identify trends within your G6 device fleet.





View information about your organization’s G6 configuration profiles, which allows you to efficiently manage how your G6 devices behave in the field, and create new G6 configuration profiles as needed.



Configuration Profile

View and update details about a specific G6 configuration profile, including:

  • Profile information - Manage the configuration profile name and device language.
  • Functional settings - Manage general device settings (e.g., low battery threshold).
  • Gas sensor settings - Manage settings specifically related to gas detection. The settings allow you to configure alarm thresholds and specify bump testing and calibration intervals.
  • Select devices - Assign devices to the configuration profile by selecting a device from the list.

G6’s configuration profile page has been designed to provide streamlined navigation, allowing you to efficiently move between sections using a navigation menu.



Notification Profile

Assign G6 devices to notification profiles. Notifications for G6 are sent to a notification profile’s assigned contacts during a high gas, short-term-exposure-limit (STEL), or sensor over limit (OL) event.




Live Map View

Search for and display G6 devices on the map using the Live map view menu panel. G6 devices are displayed separately from G7 and Loner devices. In addition, the Info panel displays detailed information for any selected G6, including the last synced assigned user, location, gas readings, calibration and bump testing due dates, battery, and last communication details.



Historical Map View

Display historical information for G6 devices by searching specific date ranges using the Historical map menu panel. The Info panel displays detailed historical information for any selected G6, including communication details, location, and event details (e.g., operational and low urgency notifications, log-on/log-off messages, high gas, OL, STEL).





View G6 bump test and calibration records on the Certifications page. Detailed G6 records can be printed or downloaded.




Fleet Health Dashboard

View G6 devices on the Fleet health dashboard, including detailed information about required maintenance (e.g., bump test or calibration overdue, firmware errors, or hardware errors).



Dock (Coming Soon)

With the release of G6 Dock, you will be able to view summary information about your G6 Dock fleet using the Docks page.



Dock Details (Coming Soon)

With the release of G6 Dock, you will be able to view and update details about a specific G6 Dock, including dock information, inlet settings, and gas cylinder details using the Dock Details page.



Find My G6

Use Find my G6 in the Live map view to locate missing G6 devices. Devices with this feature toggled on communicate their locations to Blackline Live every 30 minutes for 2.5 hours.