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What’s New in the May 2024 EXO Update

The May 2024 EXO update will be available on May 6, 2024. The update includes:


The May 2024 update includes a firmware upgrade to firmware version 3.467, which will support future feature releases and hardware upgrades for EXO devices.


The May 2024 update includes an optional feature that allows you to configure the lower threshold for LEL-IR sensors down to 1% LEL in Blackline Live. This change will support organizations with higher risk situations and workspaces, such as confined space entries, where very low gas levels can be dangerous to worker safety.

Blackline Safety does not recommend lowering the LEL threshold below 4% for devices located in areas with high humidity or frequent temperature changes, as lowering the LEL threshold may result in an increase in false readings. Refer to Operating Devices in Extreme Weather for more information.

Contact Technical Support for more information about enabling this feature.


The May 2024 update includes an enhancement to the default lower threshold for PID sensors to address PID baseline drift. The default lower threshold is now 1.5ppm.

As sudden temperature and humidity changes may cause condensation within the PID sensor and trigger temporary baseline drift, increasing the default lower threshold for PID sensors to 1.5 ppm will decrease the number of false readings reported on devices.

We have also enhanced the PID sensor algorithm to provide more stability and reduce baseline drift.


The May 2024 update includes an enhancement to EXO’s GPS functionality which will prevent GPS drift on the Map in Blackline Live when an EXO device is positioned in a stable location.

When EXO devices have established a single, stable location, EXO will continue using that location until you move the device. If you move the EXO device from its stable location, the accelerometer within the device will detect the movement and communicate regular location updates to Blackline Live until a new stable location is established.

If a high urgency event occurs while EXO is in a stable location, it will also communicate its device location to Blackline Live.


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