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What’s New in the February 2023 G7 Update

Updated on March 23, 2023.

G7’s February 2023 update includes global firmware version 3.467, improved firmware over the air (FOTA) speed, and a new feature and product. This update will begin rolling out in the UK and Europe in late February 2023. North America and the rest of the world will receive the update in late March/April.

Global firmware version 3.467 comes with improvements for push-to-talk (PTT) functionality.

The February 2023 update also introduces the following:

Supported Devices

The update will be available for the following supported devices:

G7c Unit IDs:

  • G7C-NA2 (35700, 35710, 35711)
  • G7C-EU2 (35702, 35712, 35713)
  • G7C-AZ2 (35710, 35711)

NOTE: G7C-AZ2 includes the G7C-NA2 hardware but is shipped with Australian power adapter.

Bridge and G7x Unit IDs:

    • Bridge-NA/AZ (3583/3584)
    • Bridge-NA2/AZ2 (35850/35852)
    • G7X-NA/AZ (3973/3974/3975/3976)

Older G7c devices (3566/3568) are unsupported for this update.

PTT and Blackline Monitoring Calls

Customers have reported that occasionally G7c/G7x PTT calls have taken priority over incoming calls from live monitoring services. Firmware version 3.467 improves PTT so that calls from live monitoring services take precedence over PTT calls on the G7 user interface.

FOTA Speed

Customers have reported that FOTA updates take a long time. We have improved the process and implemented solutions to improve the speed so that OTA firmware updates should complete faster than they did previously.

4G for AUS/NZ and ROW

The February 2023 update introduces 4G device capabilities for Australia, New Zealand, and the rest of the world that has not previous had it. Contact Technical Support for more information.

New USB Car Charger for G7c/G7x

Car ChargerWe are introducing a new USB car charger (ACC-G7-USB-CAR) for use with G7c/G7x. This new charger has the required safety and power certifications for use with G7 devices, while also meeting intrinsic safety requirements. If you have a previous model car charger (ACC-USB-CAR) you can use it to charge G7 Bridge.