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What’s New in the June 2023 G6 Update

The June 2023 G6 update will be available on June 26, 2023. The update includes:

  • Global firmware version 1.3
  • GPS data for specific functions
  • Battery performance upgrades
  • Improvements for G6 Dock

All G6 devices are supported for this update.

Updating Firmware

When a new version of firmware is available, G6 automatically downloads it during the device’s regular daily scheduled synchronization.

 When the download is complete, the firmware will automatically install after one of the following events take place:

  • The next time you remove G6 from G6 Dock.
  • The next time you manually bump test, calibrate, or zero your G6.

 You can also manually update G6 firmware. For full instructions, refer to the G6 Technical User Manual.

 The firmware update should take approximately 1 minute to install once the process starts. When the firmware has finished installing, G6 will power cycle to complete the update.


The June 2023 G6 update includes the addition of GPS location data on low-gas notifications. This means that when G6 goes into a low-gas notification, the GPS position will be stored and transmitted to Blackline Live during the regular daily scheduled sync.

The GPS data from low-gas notifications will then be aggregated in Blackline Analytics Essential reports, where it can be used to understand where gas exposures are occurring and improve operational safety.

Additionally, when you power on your G6 or when you perform a manual sync, the GPS location data for these events will be captured and sent to Blackline Live.

Battery Performance

Firmware version 1.3 includes changes that will help increase G6 battery life.

G6 Dock

The June 2023 G6 update includes the following improvements for G6 Dock:

  • Better charge contact performance.
  • Bump test gas usage has been reduced by nearly 60% for H2S and CO, and over 25% for SO2, which means our already budget-friendly gas cannisters will last you longer.
  • Bump test will initiate upon inserting a G6, even if the Bump Test Overdue notification is not active.